Dance With Attitude

Kick start your metabolism, release those happy hormones, open up your life, improve your confidence, meet new people and give yourself a unique workout that builds strength & flexibility AND puts a smile on your face!

At the moment I'm offering in person Private Lessons for wedding dances, small groups, monthly live Jazzfunk Workshops at House of Dance as well as Online classes .


If you would like to book for private classes or wedding dance lessons please email  It's £60 for a one hour lesson and the price goes down the more classes you take.

So whether you want 1-2 lessons to get around the floor with confidence and style, or a whole choreography - get in touch!



Join us online for zoom classes  -  if the time doesn't suit you can buy the recording instead.  All classes are £6 for an hour session - recordings same price. Please email me for more information & payment details.

NEW  10min Transffirm Class - do you want to lose weight, reduce stress and  brain fog, and re-energise and rejuventate yourself? Then take 10mins out of your day to transform your life. This is a combination of Dance Exercise and Danceffirmations®

There's a £3 introductory offer on at the moment and a new recording comes out every week and is available for 1 week. Just go to the BUY Now box and click on the Transffirm £3 option (See below for more information on the class and how this works)

So what is it? It's a combination of Dance exercise and Danceffirmations® and it's based on SIT (Sprint Interval Training). The short burst of Dance exercise gets the heart rate up and makes the body release hormones such as Irisin, which converts white fat cells to brown adipose and leptin which is the hormone which tells us when we are full. There are studies going on now to see the effect Irisin has on Telomerase which protects the telomeres and improves longevity and aging. These hormones continue to work long after you stop exercising. The  Danceffirmations® calm the nervous system and change negative subconscious thought programs to positive ones, help to alleviate stress and basically change your way of thinking. They are choreographed in such a way as to work through the chakras and create balance in the body and mind. It's crucial with these, as with any affirmation, that you get in the zone and feel like you have what you're saying right now eg "I am fit and healthy" or "I always have enough money" and we work through all sorts of DFs which help deal with stress, health, fear, money and much more. You have to quiet that negative voice which is often rattling around our heads. 
You can still do the full DFs class, which is of course more detailed and includes meditation and positive visualisation. So this is not to replace those classes or any other classes you may do - it's important to do what you love - rather it's to enhance them.
It's 10 minutes out of your day and you might not even break sweat doing it. As long as you raise the heart rate and then calm everything down with the 2 minutes of Danceffirmations® it will work for you. I'd recommend doing it at least 3 times per week. You shouldn't feel fatigued afterwards and of course nothing should hurt. It has really helped me with stress and losing weight and I always feel uplifted and clear minded afterwards - it really is a mood changer. 


Tuesdays:   Danceffirmations

Fluid easy Choreography, relaxation & meditation techniques, stretch & Strengthen. A new,way to strengthen the body, calm your mind and boost your immune system. Lose weight, attract abundance, get yourself fit, healthy, relaxed and into a positive frame of mind.

10.00am - 11.00am

Thursdays: Jazzfunk (Adult Beginners) 

Fun choreographies, build technique, stretch & Strengthen and we finish with some relaxation exercises.

10.00am - 11.00am 

In-Person Classes


New Date TBC in 2024

Monthly Jazzfunk Workshops @ House of Dance Studios (20 Sandyford St, Yorkhill)


Sunday 11.30-13.30  £14 (See below for payment options)


You can buy  gift vouchers at the bottom of this page.

Please Note that prices for private lessons are for the hour for up to 4 people.

Here's the Ts & Cs - Private lessons &  blocks of classes are not Refundable but they are transferable ie you can pass them on to someone else. Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment which should be made within 48hrs of initial booking. Please give 24hrs notice if you have to cancel a private lesson.

Classes & Gift Vouchers

Recent News

NEW 10Min Transffirm Class

March 26, 2024

This is a brand new class - take 10 mins out of your day to transform your life. A combo of Dance Exercise & Danceffirmations®

It makes you release hormones to deal with weight loss, it helps with stress and changes those negative thought patterns into positive ones. It's only £3 for the introductory offer and the recording is available for a week!

A new website is currently under construction. Bear with me folks - it should be up soon! Information about all current classes can be found here on the home page atm. 

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