About Us

Our story is a combination of dreams. Firstly the aim was Karen's dream of owning dance studios with a cafe to help subsidise any quiet classes. Then there was Alexis dream of have a Music Cafe to house Live Music gigs and dance nights.

Put the two together with a love of Dance, Music and Good Food and you have Dance with Attitude Studios and La Bodega Tapas Bar. The location of the venue was determined by the need for a building big enough to house at least 2 decent sized dance studios plus a dance cafe. At first the cafe did indeed only cater to the dance students but as time has gone on it has taken on a life of its own with people coming in for dinner, dance and entertainment and it has gained an excellent reputation for the best Spanish Tapas in Glasgow.

Now that combination of dance performance and great food is extended to Salsa & Tango nights and we have people lining up to do gigs .... it's such a unique combination.


Dance Passports
Not currently available

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