Kick start your metabolism, release those happy hormones, open up your life, improve your confidence, meet new people and give yourself a unique workout that builds strength and flexibility AND puts a smile on your face.

How to get started... it's easy... you'll find our full range of classes Dance Styles page - just click on a class and it'll take you through to a description on style, what to wear etc.

Once you've chosen what you want to try just come along about 20 mins early first time to register (no registration fee) and you can go to any class you like after that.

There's no need to book for adult classes (unless it's a workshop or course) and you can join at any time throughout the year.

You can buy blocks of classes, passports or just pay as you go. For kids however, please do book a place.


OR maybe you think you fall into one of the following categories?

  • I'm too old to start - Age is not an issue - there's a style for everyone!
  • I'm too clumsy - Dance helps improve coordination
  • I'm too fat - The old vicious circle - You know have to start somewhere - so don't spend the next year thinking about it - get in and get started!
  • I've got no sense of rhythm - You've got a heartbeat so you have rhythm!
  • I've got 2 left feet - Unlikely :)

So forget all those negative thoughts! Don't let anything put you off! There's a big emphasis on fun at the classes - the more relaxed you are the easier it is to learn. You'll be surprised at what you can do. It's a case of one step at a time and you won't be the only new person in the class.

Usually the hardest step is just walking in the door - don't worry - everyone feels that way no matter how much dance experience they have!

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