Contemporary Dance 

Sorry this class is off at present.

Beginners Level

This is an exhilirating and stylish form of dance which gives an excellent base in dance technique without the rigidity of classical dance. The graceful style belies how demanding it can be and how much strength and flexibility it builds.

Developed in the 20th century, modern dance broke away from a formal tradition (Ballet) to pioneer an experimental, free-form way of moving across the stage.

Giving emphasis to the clarity, co-ordination and breath of the movement. You will improve your flexibility and range of movement, increase your core strength with this beautiful and fluid style of dance!

Music ranges from chart to world. Class taught by Lauren Mullin.

Adult Beginners: Wednesday 7.00 - 8.00pm



Loose comfortable clothing (leggings, vest tops etc) and bare feet or soft ballet pumps/jazz shoes

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