Please note: This class is off now until further notice, however it is a style which is covered in our Ballroom/Social dance class on Fridays 7.15pm

Adult Beginners

This is Lindy Hop style. An energetic style of jive which incorporates kicks and lifts (don't worry nobody will be throwing you over their shoulder at first!) - we start with basic moves and sequences..... A rockin' good start to the week!

These fun classes take you through the basics and give you a great introduction to partner dance. You don't need any previous experience and you don't need to bring a partner. We have a wide age range in this class - from teens to 60s - so everyone takes it at their own pace, tho you soon work up a sweat with this. Great music from trad rock'n'roll to chart (Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis etc).

Again you can join the classes at any time throughout the year.



This can get pretty hot so wear loose comfortable & casual clothing (jeans or comfy trousers). It's more of a social dance there's no floor stretches as with other styles. Trainers are fine to start although smooth soled shoes or jazz sneakers allow you to turn more easily.

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