Tango (Argentinian)

Dramatic, elegant and exciting all at once!

You're taken through all the basics but we very quickly get you into the interesting stuff as well.

This is different from the ballroom style of tango you may have seen. It's a beautifully fluid style which can be highly addictive - so be warned.

This stylish dance is becoming more & more popular now amongst younger age groups and we're delighted to see such an increase in the number of men attending classes especially since with this style we discourage the ladies from doubling up and learning the man's part.

You don't need to bring a partner and you don't need to book - just come along.

With Tango Libre afterwards in the studio where you can put into practice what you learned - free entry to the club.

Thursdays: Beginners 8-9pm Intermediates 8.20 - 9.20pm



Cool & Casual - most partner dance can be hot work. There's no floor exercises as with other dance styles - people wear jeans, dress trousers, skirts etc;

Shoes: ladies -a smooth sole with small heel is best- NO Stilettos or slingbacks please - they don't give enough support & can be a little dangerous! Guys - smooth sole shoes are best

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