Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the most asked questions we get about dance classes and some of the answers we give. If you have a question which is not answered here please contact us.

Do I need dance experience to start a class?

Where the class is billed as 'beginners', you don't need any previous dance experience. If it's billed as 'Intermediate' then you need at least 1-2 years experience in that style or in another related style. Usually if you've got any kind of dance vocabulary behind you, you'll tend to pick up new styles fairly quickly.


I'm already in my twenties! Is it too late to start?

NO! don't let age put you off. Depending on the style, we get people in our classes who range from 13 - 60-something in age!

Of course with very energetic styles of dance such as street and break dance I wouldn't recommend it to someone who was extremely unfit. However, it's not a competition and everyone is encouraged to take it at their own pace - i.e. if you need to stop for a minute don't be afraid to do so!


What should I wear?

Go for comfort - for any class wear something loose and easy to move in. If you click on the individual dance styles you'll find in more detail what you should wear for each class.


Can I start at any time or do I have to start at the Beginning of the Term?

You can start at any time. Any choreographed dance will be worked on for around 6-8 weeks. Even if you arrive when we're almost finished that particular dance we usually focus on one part of the dance each week. We would only expect you to try to grasp that part when you arrive. The rest of the class includes dance technique and stretch and strengthen exercises. With Freestyle dances such as Breakin or Salsa, teachers will generally keep working round certain vocabularies of moves so again it doesn't matter when you start - you work on different sequences to build your own style.


How quickly will I learn?

That depends on the individual and how much you practice outside the class. It's also important to be patient with yourself - the more relaxed you are the faster you learn

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