Private Lessons / Wedding Dances

Want to look good on the dancefloor at your wedding? Or perhaps you want a private lesson to work on a particular technique or choreography? Or maybe you want a class as part of a hen party or leaving do??

When it comes to Wedding dances, most folk just want to get through it & keep their dignity! We can get you through some sequences which while they are fairly simple to learn, look really impressive. Some people want up to 5 sessions and others are happy with 1 lesson. It really depends on how elaborate you want your dance to be and obviously how quickly you both pick up the moves.

Please call to book for private lessons 07815851167

PRICE £55 per hour for up to 4 people

For groups who want a private lesson the price is min £70 for up to 1 hour or £7 per head (whichever is the greater)

Private lessons are payable in advance.

Lessons are subject to availability of teachers & studio space.

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