Private Lessons / Wedding Dances

Want to look good on the dancefloor at your wedding? Or perhaps you want a private lesson to work on a particular technique or choreography? Or maybe you want a class as part of a hen party or leaving do??

Most people who want a private lesson are usually wanting help with their wedding dance. Some people look for something specific.... we've done choreographies for "you're the one that i want" Olivia Newton John & John Travolta style to "Ally McBeal" style group dances for the whole wedding party!

However most folk just want to get through it & keep their dignity! We can get you through some sequences which while they are fairly simple to learn, look really impressive. Some people want up to 5 sessions and others are happy with 1 lesson. It really depends on how elaborate you want your dance to be and obviously how quickly you both pick up the moves.

Please call to book for private lessons 0141 581 3401

PRICE £55 per hour for up to 4 people

For groups who want a private lesson the price is min £70 for up to 1 hour or £7 per head (whichever is the greater)

Private lessons are payable in advance.

Lessons are subject to availability of teachers & studio space.

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